Now trending: Social tools at work; Join the discussion at “The Worldwide Water Cooler” Blogs: We’re excited to announce we’ve just published new global research looking at worker appetite for enterprise social tools. You’ll find lots of data here. The upshot is more than three quarters of workers want social tools to increase productivity and collaboration, and nearly a third would bring social tools into their organization through the back door. We refer to this trend as “bring your own service.”

Enterprise social is a critical cornerstone of workplace collaboration. It addresses the changing nature of work and employee demographics. Done right, social tools can create significant business value by improving how people connect, share information and work across teams and geographies to name a few.

Office, Yammer, SharePoint and Lync are central to our enterprise social offerings. Office 365 empowers people with virtually anywhere access to the latest Office applications. Yammer, SharePoint and Lync allow co-workers, customers and partners to easily connect, share and collaborate however, wherever and whenever you choose. We also bring the expertise to help organizations get social “right”. All the tools people need to do stuff quickly, using the tools they already know and love.

What do you think? We want to hear from you, so today we’re also launching The Worldwide Water Cooler, a hub for people everywhere to discuss workplace collaboration and social tools via Twitter. Please stop by the Water Cooler and have your say!

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